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My name is Jamie Hammond and I guide people just like you to find their fit by helping them speak, grow, and rise. I’m a half-White, half-Latinx woman with a loud opinions and a roomy heart. I’m a perfectly imperfect blend of altruism and ambition. I’m woo-y and pragmatic. I am an amalgamation of every identity I possess, every experience I’ve lived, and every mistake I’ve made. 

I have a B.S. in Sociology with special training in public speaking, communication, leadership, and self-identity, so it’s no wonder that I fell into helping people become the truest version of themselves in their life and work.


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I offer live 1:1 and group coaching via Zoom


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helping you find your fit.

Leaning into my identity has been life changing. I no longer worry about my financial situation, my future, or my spirituality. I feel aligned. I feel ready for anything. Most importantly, I’ve found the belonging I’ve been seeking. I belong to me.

Now, this didn’t come easy. I had to work for this sense of clarity. I had to get to know myself, allow myself to dream, nurture myself, act as if, set my focus, and demand my spot.

What about you? Are you feeling like you don’t belong? Hit the button below to learn more how I can help.

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